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The 6 Glasgow Police Boxes  
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Visit the Cathedral Square Police Box

Located near the majestic Glasgow Cathedral and The Provand’s Lordship, this box is a distinctive landmark and an integral part of the streetscape.

The box was listed as a B grade building in 2008 and is the oldest police box in Glasgow. In 1933 it was built and situated in Cathedral Square and later relocated in the current place at the other side of the footpath.

Although the box was initially red, it was painted blue years ago and it is a coffee kiosk named ´Empire Coffee Box‘.

Pin  Oldest police box in Glasgow.

Admire the Wilson Street Police Box

Built in the 1930s decade, this B-listed police box was put into service on 24th January 1938 and it was attached to the A.D – Turnbull Street, Police Divisional Headquarters.

This Police Box – located on Wilson Street near its junction with Glassford Street, in the heart of Merchant City – retained its original red colour until 2009, when it was refurbished and repainted to the familiar blue of the Doctor’s Tardis.

In 2010 the box was moved from a traffic island to the pavement’s side of the same street. Now, it is a coffee shop named ´The Wee Tasty´.

Pin  Red colour until 2009.

Discover the Botanic Gardens Police Box

Situated at the Northwest corner of the junction of Great Western Road and Queen Margaret Drive, at the entrance to the Botanic Gardens, the police box was put into service in November 1933, just one month after the one in Cathedral Square.

It was attached to the F.D Maryhill, Police Divisional Headquarters. It has never been moved from the current location.

This police box has been sometimes open as a coffee kiosk and has been placed on the B listed building list since 1995.

Pin  Never been moved.

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Go to the Sauchiehall Street Police Box

This original red police box was displayed inside the old Glasgow’s Transport Museum in the Kelvin Hall. When that place was closed in 2010 and the collections were transferred to the new Transport Museum (the Riverside Museum) the police box didn’t make the move.

In 2014, the box was placed in the middle of Sauchiehall Street, just near the junction with Renfield Street, looking splendid in its original red colour.

It has been a newspaper kiosk and it is currently a shop named ‘CBD Tardis.‘.

Pin  Original red colour.

See the Buchanan Street Police Box

Built in April 1934, this B-listed police box was installed at the Cathedral Street island in the centre of the roadway, 17 yards east of Buchanan Street. In 2002 it was moved to the corner of Buchanan Street and Royal Bank Place.

This Tardis has been repainted a few times over the years with a variety of daft colours and designs (including polka-dots and vibrant shades of green, gold or black), but is currently unused and blue again.

Pin  Repainted several times.

Plan to visit the London Road Police Box

This ‘new’ Glasgow box was installed in 2014 bringing the total of on-street police boxes to six.

It is located in London Road, just near the Barrowland park and has a metal plaque with the following text:

“Police Telephone. Iconic Gilbert / Mackenzie / Trench / Police Box / Mark II Design. Supplied by Civil Defense and Emergency Service. Preservation Trust for Calton Barras action plan.
In memory of Joseph Gerald Duman – Ad adstra”.

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Glasgow Police Boxes

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