Charities: Our commitment to Glasgow’s communities

We are passionate about showing everyone that Glasgow is one of the most fascinating cities in the world.  This is our main contribution and we are proud to work hard to achieve this goal every day.

We are also committed to the present and future of Glasgow. We feel that it is important to join local communities to help those who need assistance. That is why we are proud to support Glasgow’s charities and third sector organisations.

There are two ways that we are open to work with them to make a difference to people’s lives.

Charity | Greatest Glasgow Awards

Greatest Glasgow Awards will select one charity or voluntary organisation to be our Glasgow Charity of the Year.

The process starts at the end of each financial year, where Greatest Glasgow Awards will produce a list of 10 charities that meet our eligibility criteria. Our staff will review the available information about them, selecting the 3 finalists.

Visitors of the Greatest Glasgow Awards website will be able to decide which of the three finalists will be the Charity of the Year.

Greatest Glasgow Awards will donate a percentage of our net profits to the Charity of the Year.

Greatest Glasgow Awards is always open to discuss other ways that we could support charities that meet the eligibility criteria, such as:

– Help to increase public awareness of their cause, purpose and work.
– Media attention that could raise their popularity.
– Encouraging more people to volunteer for them.
– Sharing useful information about Glasgow, including high profile events.
– Identifying opportunities to fundraise or improve people’s lives.
– Facilitating networking with other organisations with similar objectives.
– Help to influence public opinion for the benefit of Glasgow’s communities.

If you think that we can work with your organisation to make a difference in Glasgow, please contact us here.

Eligibility criteria:

– Priority areas: Working in sectors that can be particularly relevant for the people of Glasgow.
– Local: Showing evidence of positive impact in Glasgow.
– Being registered with the Charity Commission, satisfying their annual financial and reporting requirements.