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Glasgow was the first place in the United Kingdom to use police boxes.

Police Boxes in Glasgow

In 1906, Stan Laurel made his first stage appearance on amateur night at The Britannia Panopticon.

Glasgow Theatres

The Stewart Memorial Fountain commemorates the Lord Provost of Glasgow because Stewart secured the Act of Parliament in 1855 which enabled Glasgow to obtain the required supply of fresh water from Loch Katrine to eradicate outbreaks and epidemics.

Fountains in Glasgow

Only one of Glasgow’s Police Boxes retains its original red colour.

Police Boxes in Glasgow

Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Scotland’s most famous architect is buried in London, but it is possible to find his legacy in 4 gravestones around Scotland designed by him: the gravestone for Chief Constable Alexander McCall (Glasgow´s Necropolis), the gravestone for James Reid (Kilmacolm), the gravestone for Talwin Morris (Dumbarton) and the gravestone for Rev. Alexander Orrock Johnston (East Wemyss).

Glasgow Mackintosh