Why launching the Awards?

Hi everyone,

Very welcome to Greatest Glasgow Awards.

My name is Danny, CEO and Greatest Glasgow’s co-founder. As a proud Glaswegian, I like to promote my amazing city, so I always encourage relatives and friends travelling around Scotland to take some time to visit Glasgow. It always comes to me as a surprise when I get responses like these:

Visit Glasgow? What for?

There are so many things to do in Scotland… I don’t have any spare time for Glasgow.

Are there interesting things to see or do in Glasgow?

I am not interested in making a stop in Glasgow, it would be a very brief visit.

We searched for sources of information about Glasgow on the Internet, and found People Make Glasgow, several lists with a selection of places to visit, tours to discover the city in a few hours and lots of comments comparing Glasgow to Edinburgh.

I got the feeling that no one, not even the Glaswegians, knew how to offer a Glasgow overview showcasing the rebel, cosmopolitan and vibrant spirit of excitement and fun typical of this city, which is one of the trendiest places in Europe, a city proud of its history that confidently and optimistically looks forward to the future. Greatest Glasgow, the Glasgow Awards for Excellence, started from a need to properly showcase this amazing city.

We enjoy rewarding excellence, offering fun facts about Glasgow and promoting the best to do and see in our city. Glasgow is a city to be experienced, and we aim to show it to the world.

On behalf the whole Greatest Glasgow Awards team, please be welcome! Keep on reading and have fun with us.


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Purpose, Values and Future

Our purpose is sharing our passion for the amazing Glasgow with Glaswegians and visitors awarding its excellence, actively building a better Glasgow and ensuring that it is a city to be proud of.

Our values: integrity, innovation, impact and passion.

The future of Greatest Glasgow Awards is to be the world’s leading producers and providers of information about Glasgow, using the VPP+ process to find, reward and showcase the Excellence of Glasgow.



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