Our approach

1) Focusing on Glasgow everything will be great.

We focused from the start on providing the best possible experience about Glasgow. We love this amazing, vibrant and beautiful city. We are sure that if Glasgow is always the focus of our thoughts, the result of our work, can only be as wonderful as Glasgow is.

2) Glaswegian focus

Glasgow is great because we Glaswegians are great too. That is why we assess the excellence of every item in an objective way, but also including input from Glaswegians, so we can ensure that it reflects their values and preferences. The bigger the project, the more helpful this input is.


3) Providing info in a refreshing way.

There is a vast amount of data about Glasgow available on the Internet, but we are focused on developing relevant intelligence and products showcasing our city in a completely unique way. Much more creativity is required for our team to display novel and original views of Glasgow, present relevant awards, feature interesting news, offer exceptional merchandising. Our research team works relentlessly, exploring new ways to provide all information about Glasgow to people seeking answers.


4) Doing just one thing, but doing it really, really well.

We find and reward the best of Glasgow, nothing more, nothing less. We believe in quality above all. We know what we do well, and work hard to do it better and better aiming to continually improve our project. We aspire to share our passion about Glasgow, offering the best possible information to Glaswegians and visitors, to inspire them to experience this cosmopolitan, trendy and vibrant city. We try to anticipate needs not yet articulated by our global audience. We are always looking for new ways to make a difference in the world.


5) Working independently and transparently.

Greatest Glasgow is a business. We profit from selling ads that will be displayed on our site and other products and services. Several guiding principles are embedded in our working procedures to ensure that we stay independent and transparent. We do not accept pop-up advertising. All advertising is always clearly identified as a “Sponsor Link”. We do not allow ads to be displayed unless they can provide information that is useful and relevant to the website visitor. The selection of the Awards Winners is an unbiased standardised process completely independent from sponsors. External experts provide an independent objective perspective and must complete a declaration of interest. We work hard to ensure to protect that the information that we provide is valid, reliable and high-quality.


6) Providing multiple ways to obtain the information you need about Glasgow.

We offer access to relevant information through many platforms, wherever you are, whenever you need it. We are pioneers in offering meaningful intelligence about Glasgow using a range of new solutions for mobile services that will help all lovers of Glasgow.


7) Being international and loving a challenge.

Our project got started in Scotland, but we aim to share our passion for the amazing Glasgow with the entire world. Our team includes a majority of Scots, but also several passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds, all of them Glasgow lovers. The working atmosphere may be casual, but the job should be challenging and challenges should be fun.