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Our team

Greatest Glasgow Awards manages tens of thousands of data, thousands of ideas, hundreds of rankings, events or requests and dozens of research projects every month.

This is possible thanks to the greatest asset of this company: An enthusiastic team consisting of very dynamic and competent individuals, with a highly positive mindset and the willingness and the vision to share our knowledge about Glasgow in the best possible way. We consider ourselves smart and determined people. We know what we do well, and work hard to do it better and better.

We love to be able to combine our pride on a work well done with our passion about Glasgow. Greatest Glasgow Awards keeps the spirit of young company where everyone contributes and feels comfortable sharing their ideas and opinions, providing practical solutions to continually improve our project. We do not believe that work should be done just at our desks: our workers are free to walk around Glasgow and just pay attention and enjoy the city.

You would be impressed by the energy and intensity of our work at any moment of the day or night, any day of the year. And then you would realize that we are not just a professional team: we are also really having fun at work.

Greatest Glasgow Company

Our corporate leaders


Co-founder & CEO


Director of Media & Communications


Director of Research & Development


HR & Administrative & Finance Head

But Greatest Glasgow could not longer function without Anne, Audrey, Ciaran, Colin, Elaine, George, Jim, Judith, Maggie, Parveen and Ross.

The best team for the greatest project!

Greatest Glasgow Company


I can give you 5 reasons to join us:

•You will make a difference.
•We will grow together.
•We have a bold, clear vision.
•Our workforce is diverse.
•Transform your passion into action.

Interested in joining us, but not sure where to start?  We’re always on the lookout for people who share our passion for Glasgow. If you love what you do and are great at doing it, then we’d really like to hear from you even if there’s not a role open now.