What are the Greatest Glasgow Awards?

What are Greatest Glasgow Awards | Do you like Glasgos?
What are Greatest Glasgow Awards
What are Greatest Glasgow Awards | We reward the excellence of Glasgow

If the answer is “yes”, please be welcome! Keep on reading and have a look! Take the first step to become a passionate and savvy Glasgow fan.

We could write a huge text describing what the Greatest Glasgow Awards are, but we prefer to sum it up in the few sentences below.

The awards process aims to seek, find and reward the best items of Greater Glasgow in different categories, through an impartial, unbiased and objective professional method called VPP+™.

This process involves weeks of a multidisciplinary team’s work that investigates thoroughly Greater Glasgow area and related information. Once they have identified the eligible items in each category, the VPP+™ method ensures that they select the best ones. The Greatest Glasgow Awards will then announce the Winners, recognizing their contribution to the excellence of Glasgow.

Every category will be fully reviewed every year using the same method, so we the new Winners can be announced.

See below 8 headlines on the Awards:


We reward


Just the very
best of the best


In the Greater
Glasgow area


Free from
external influences

Freely available

Free service
for the general public


Trusted and
reliable brand


Professional systematic model
aiming to find and reward excellence


Past, present
and future

Also see below responses to some additional questions that you may have:

How are the Awards categories selected?
A multidisciplinary team will prioritise the most relevant ones with input from experts and the general public. You can suggest a topic to be analysed by our team.

What is VPP+™?
The Validation Premium Process is a systematic, comprehensive and intelligent model aiming to professionalise and standardise the pursuit of excellence in any set of similar elements.

Why launching the Greatest Glasgow Awards?
These Awards started from a need to properly showcase the Amazing Glasgow City they way it is: a vibrant, cosmopolitan and proud of its history city.

Which geographical areas are included in the investigation for the Greatest Glasgow Awards?
We do not include just Glasgow city, but also the urban localities that are in its area of influence, known as Greater Glasgow.

What is your brand logo, the Taskel?
The new symbol of Glasgow, the Taskel, is the evolution of an ancestral element that has been known for thousands of years, the spiral of life.