***Your Certificate of Excellence alerts travellers, customers and Glaswegians that you are committed to delivering a superior experience. It’s a statement that resonates strongly with consumers and one that instantly sets you apart:

“We always visit a place when we see a Certificate of Excellence”

Colin Kay, England. Greatest Glasgow Awards visitor.

“Well done!”
“Absolutely fantastic achievement in such a short period of time”
“Congrats for your success!”
“That’s great news!”
“You deserved to get recognition of your amazing work!”
“Congratulations! Your whole team have worked hard for this”

Customers congratulating a business.

“What a fabulous bit of news”

John Campbell, Award-winner.


Your Certificate of Excellence means that you have achieved a great score with the Validation Premium Process, VPP+™. It’s the kind of award that motivates people to choose one place over another, so promote your Certificate everywhere you can:

Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.


of people are more likely to visit a place that wins a “best of” award


of people trust a certificate that show an award of excellence

Survey Research Engagement”, Greatest Glasgow Ltd, March 2018


Look for big ways to spread your Certificate of Excellence. Share it on social media and your website, announce it in ads or on billboards, hang signs or banners, send out a press release. The possibilities are endless:


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